How Outsourcing with DF Precision Can Lower Your Metal Forging Costs

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Are you a forging manufacturer in the USA or a Tier 1 automotive components manufacturer looking for a less expensive way to obtain metal parts or to decrease costs on an existing project? Outsourcing your project to a forging company and forging factory based in Asia will help you achieve better prices while receiving the same high quality of products. Metal forgings can be produced in Asia at a lower cost and save you anywhere from 25%-80% on your pricing per piece!

DF Precision Inc., a subsidiary of its parent metal forging factory in Shanghai, was implemented as an USA based company to help facilitate the process of outsourcing forging for their USA customer’s forging and machining projects to their factories in Asia. DF Precision Inc. abides strictly to all regulations and safety guidelines, and is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified to be a professional forged parts supplier, with a specialty in cold forging.  DF Precision is also able to meet any quality requirements of their potential customers. DF Precision holds a high reputation from their current and past big brand and major industry clientele for providing reliable and guaranteed high quality forged pieces at prices that are unbeatable and at a lesser rate than that of pieces produced in the USA. As a one-stop-shop also, customers can easily have all of their needs fulfilled without looking elsewhere. Besides metal custom forging, DF Precision also offers technology development, mold design, fabrication and inspection.

If you would like to save money today, outsourcing forging projects will guarantee you the same, if not better, quality of products while cutting down your costs. DF Precision Inc. has 12 forging manufacturing facilities located throughout Asia, and can match you with the best pricing. To see how much money you can save, you may submit an RFQ to DF Precision by contacting their Los Angeles forging company at 626-572-7988

Cheap Metal Forgings

Cheap Metal Forgings

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