When to Use Hot Forging to Manufacture Metal Auto Parts

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Hot forging, which is also known as drop forging, is generally used to produce auto parts and metal parts that are larger in size, or it is used when the metal material cannot be forged cold. For example, many metals such as aluminum are formed by cold forging, but iron and its alloys need to be shaped with hot forging. Hot forging can produce small pieces too, but usually cold forging will be the most efficient process for smaller metal parts because cold forging can produce high volume of parts at higher production rates and the net results of cold forging are near finished and require no costly finishing work, such as machining.

Hot forging can shape and form metals and produce larger components through the acts of hammering, rolling and pressing under high temperatures. Under high temperatures, metals undergo a process called plastic deformation, where metals recrystallize under high strain rate and at a high temperature that matches the recrystallization point of the metal. Due to the heated nature of the metal, hot forging allows for metals to be easily shaped and achieve elaborate details. Hot forging begins with using a cast ingot that is heated, and then the metal is shaped by hammering it between two dies molded to the shape of the desired outcome. The process begins with a cast ingot, which is heated to its plastic deformation temperature, then forged between dies to the desired shape and size. Hot forging can produce metal auto parts. OEM Auto Parts, and aftermarket auto parts that are larger in size, such as crankshafts.

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