The Types of Components Metal Forging Can Create

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Due to the strength and machining capabilities of metal parts that forging can produce, industries such as heavy construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and automotive systems are all depending on forged parts for quality of their products. Equipment and machinery incorporate metal forgings in the form of drive shafts, couplings, pinions, flanges, hubs, and suspension parts.

For automotive products, forgings are used in the drivetrain and powertrain systems. Gears, shafts, pinions, ball joints, nuts, and pistons are used in engine and transmission systems. Other forging components that are used widely in these industries include axle beams, spindles, housings, and rods.

Forged Metal Components

Forged Metal Components

The techniques of forging allow for high versatility and ability to produce almost any metal product design. Lately, a new up and coming form of forging that enables metal to be formed while at cold temperatures is proving to be a technological and technical advancement from previous forms of forging. Cold forging can forge high volumes of products quickly and with high quality. For more information about cold forging, please visit DF Precision, a specialized Cold Forging Company, at

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