The Processes of Precision Forging

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Modern technologies and equipment have advanced the ancient art of forging into a process that can be done with extreme precision and quality, otherwise known as precision forging. Precision forging can achieve results with the quality of a final piece with little to no finishing work required.  The forging techniques that can achieve these precision results include processes involved in cold forging and

precision forging

precision forging

flashless forging. Flashless forging is a process that can achieve precision results right away by containing all of the metal material within a die and allowing no material to escape during the forming process. The method of not allowing any material to get out of the mold is also known as having no flash formed.

Cold forging uses techniques just like flashless forging, known as closed impression die forging, where the metal material is pounded in sequences and forced into a closed cavity mold. With these precision forging methods, the number of manufacturing process are reduced as many finishing processes are not required. Precision forging can also produce more complex parts and closer tolerances while reducing the amount of material wasted. Flashless forging and cold forging both involve techniques similar to each other that will produce high quality metal parts at a more cost efficient level. DF Precision Inc. is a high-tech forging company and an expert in the Cold Forging industry, with over 20 years of service supplying metal auto parts to major automotive companies. For more information how cold forging can benefit your project, please contact DF Precision Inc. at 626-572-7988

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