The Advancement of Metalworking Processes By Using Cold Forging

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Projects that are large in volume and consisting of small and complex metal parts were traditionally produced my the method of machining. However, a newer and advanced version of forging has shed light in the metalworking industry as a dominant process to produce metal components at a faster rate while achieving high precision. Cold forging is so technologically advance that it offers possibilities for production that would have otherwise been a long process to to manage and finish. Cold Forging allows for the number of manufacturing steps to be cut down and lessens the number of other manufacturing processes needed. For example,  a single process of cold forging can produce a metal part that is near net shape quality, and thus eliminates the need for expensive finishing processes, such as machining. In addition, cold forging techniques does not waste resources and materials, unlike other metalworking processes.

Cold forging offers products that are stronger with higher tolerances. The cold forging process also allows for greater productivity rates and wastes less material. Cold forging is a relatively new forging method in the industry, and DF Precision has been one of the few cold forging manufacturers that are specialized in cold forging and perfecting this technique since 1992. To learn more about cold forging at DF Precision, call our

Advancement of Cold Forging

Advancement of Cold Forging

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