Outsourcing Auto Components to Stay Competitive in the Automotive Industry and Forged Parts Market

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Growing numbers of global automotive and auto components outsource their manufacturing jobs and forging auto part productions to forging factories in China.  Forging factories in China offer the high engineering skills and produce high quality piece and costs that are significantly lower than prices quoted in the USA. USA and European automotive manufacturers improve their position in the competitive market and overcoming pressure on pricing by outsourcing the production of the auto components that they use. The best way for USA auto part manufacturers and European automotive companies to maintain their competitive prices of forged auto components is to outsource their supplies to China forging factories.

China Forging Factories Plants

China Forging Factories Plants

To better assist USA clients, DF Precision Inc., a subsidiary of Shanghai Dongfu Cold Forging, opened its office recently in Los Angeles to manage USA projects and communicate with customers with ease. The DF Precision USA forging company office allows for clients to outsource their forging projects comfortably and efficiently to China. DF Precision Inc. facilitates the process of forging outsourcing and clients can directly speak to USA forging company office without having to communicate internationally with the China forging factories. For more information, or to submit an RFQ for your forging auto part component outsource request, please contact DF Precision forging company at 626-572-7988, or visit http://www.dfprecision.com


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