Open Die Forging to Produce Larger Automotive Component Forgings

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Open Die Forging is done by heating metal billets and blocks between a die on top with a ram attached and a die on the bottom attached to a hammer. The metal material is then heated above their recrystallization point at temperatures about 1500 degrees fahrenheit. Using precision hammering, the metal block is carefully hammered or pressed into the desired shape. Open die forging is different from closed die forging and impression die forging methods since the metal material is not constricted within a cavity when forged upon, and are typically done of flat dies. Due to the unrestrained method of forging using open die metal forging, this process is usually used to forge bigger parts with less complex details, such as bars, rings, spindles, and blank components since it allows for almost unlimited shape and size capacities. The unconfined method also allows for skilled forging engineers to work progressively on the material until the desired shape is achieved, making it possible to shape a variety of shapes and sizes.

DF Precision is a leading open die forging manufacturer with over 20 years of expertise in supply custom open die forgings to major automotive companies. The Cold forging, warm forging and hot forging processes for open die forgings at DF Precision typically involve using rare materials such as the normal series, non-ferrous metal, and black metal. DF Precision’s factories also have advanced facilities for inspection and machining, and has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. DF Precision has forged a strong professional technical team and strives to keep the company as an industry leader. DF Precision earned an industry-wide reputation in meeting our customer’s desires as an one-stop-shop forging service

Open Die Forging Metal

Open Die Forging Metal

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