Modern High-Tech Custom Cold Forging Process

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Cold forging combines the utilization of high-tech forging machines to produce the strongest quality pieces that can withstand even the most stressful situations and applications. Other metalworking processes are unable to produce the types of metal components that can withstand the levels of pressure and stress that forged metal components can. By using modern technology, the forging engineers at DF Precision Inc., a Michigan Cold Forging company, can cold forge any designs and drawings by creating all complex toolings and forging dies using CAD and high-tech machinery.

DF Precision also has the capability to perform in-house machining, making the company a one-stop-shop facility that provides services ranging from technology development, mold design, to fabrication and inspection. The wide range of capabilities that DF Precision can service allows the company to produce quality custom forgings at a more efficient production time. With 12 manufacturing facilities located throughout Asia, DF Precision supplies custom metal auto parts globally for over 20 years to local and  major automotive forgings

Custom Cold Forging

Custom Cold Forging

and truck forgings. For all inquiries, please contact DF Precision cold forging Michigan company office at 626-572-7988 

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