Metalworking Forging Process to Forge Hand Tools Cold

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Cold forging is an advanced metalworking process that can produce all types of hand tools, gardening tools, automotive tools, and industrial tools. Tool companies choose cold forging to manufacture cold forged hand tools, automotive tools, and tool parts due to the efficiency and lower cost of cold forging. The process can create high precision tools of all shapes and sizes, while providing strength and details in one process of hammering the metal material between the molds. Examples of a cold forging tool products are the master cylinder pressure caps, sockets, crank shafts, and bushings. Many of these tools are used as components in automotive vehicles due to the properties of cold forging result such as strength and reliability of the parts.

Bushing Tool Cold Forging

Bushing Tool Cold Forging

Cold forging can also produce a variety of other industrial tools such as capscrews, coupling bolts, eye bolts, flange bolts, j-bolts, ratchets, pins, u-bolts, washers, liner bolts, nuts, hex bolts, and trunnion bolts. Cold forging industrial tools is an advanced form of forging that offers faster production rates at a lesser cost when compared to traditional methods of forging and other metalworking processes. To learn more about how cold forging your industrial tools project or design, submit an RFQ today for a free quote through DF Precision, a Los Angeles Cold Forging company. DF Precision is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified to guarantee the highest quality and safety certified industrial tools, hand tools, gardening tools, automotive tool forgings, and all other cold forging parts. DF Precision is also available to cold forge private label tools and tool box sets.  Please call the DF Precision Los Angeles cold forging tools company at 626-572-7988

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