Metal Forging Components are Most Trusted by OEM Component Industries

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Metal forging can produce small auto part components and can even manufacture huge parts up to 800,000 lbs when hot forging is used. Products manufactured by the metalworking art of metal forging include parts made for aircrafts such as landing gear, shafts for jet engines and turbines, structural components for transportation equipment such as automobiles and railroads, crankshafts, pistons, bearings, levers, gears, connecting rods, and hand tools such as chisels, rivets, screws, and bolts. These industries trust using metal forgings to build their products due to the exceptional results forging offers.

Forging OEM Components

Forging OEM Components

All other metalworking processes cannot compare or excel beyond to the advantages metal forging offers.  Advances in forging technology have expanded the range of shapes, sizes, and properties available in forged products to meet an increasing variety of design and performance requirements. Metal Forging is also a more superior metalworking process due to its ability to meet the ever increasing requirements of OEM and Aftermarket companies’ for load and stress capacities of the products they need made. The modern techniques of metalworking and metal forging allow for designs to be produced and made possible with even the highest load and stress specifications. All ranges of shapes and sizes can be accomplished by forging while accommodating every requirement.   DF Precision Inc., a metal forging company, is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified for the high quality and safety standards that the forging company is noted for. If you are interested in having your design or metal product forged, you can learn more about forging by calling DF Precision’s metal forging company at 626-572-7988


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