Leading Cold Metal Forging Manufacturer of Auto and Electronic Parts Opens Office in Los Angeles, CA

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DF Precision Inc., a division of Shanghai Dongfu Cold Forging, is one of the largest metal forging manufacturers based out of Los Angeles, California.  With over 20 years in the industry and  ISO9001/TS16949 certified as a professional forged parts supplier, they have metal forging manufacturing facilities located throughout Asia and plans to expand factories to the USA by next year. By using only the top state-of-the-art metal forging equipment and very selective team of talented engineers, DF Precision is known for producing high quality precision metal pieces for the automotive, aerospace, agriculture machinery, hardware, and electronic industries. DF’s metal forged pieces have been reviewed highly and applied in the systems and products by many major brands and companies.

The process and type of forging that is mainly focused on by DF is cold forging, although hot and warm forging are also options. There are few manufacturers that focus on cold forging, therefore DF Precision holds a leading position within this industry. Cold metal forging is a better alternative to hot metal forging since there are more advantages including being more cost efficient. To learn more about DF Precision Inc. and how you can achieve better precision and finished metal forged parts while saving money and time, please call the DF Metal Forging Los Angeles office at 626-572-7988.

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