Increase Production Rate of Metal Components and Lower Costs by Using Cold Forging Machines

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Advancements in technology have allowed for metal forging manufacturers to use high tech forging machines to forge raw metal materials cold and hot. Modern cold forging machinery can produce metal automotive components with incredible strength and consistency. There are many benefits of producing automotive components with cold forging machinery and cold forging press processes since resulting products produced by cold forging will be at near net shape, which will not require the traditional and expensive finishing touches of machining. when compared to other metalworking and manufacturing processes, the advanced methods of cold forging and cold forging machines also increases productivity rates and quality, and lessens the amount of materials wasted.

Cold forging using modern advanced cold forging presses has many benefits such as achieving the strongest kind of metal automotive components with superior grain structure and reliability. Improved production efficiency and money saving aspects of cold forging and cold forging machines include producing results that are at near net shape, eliminating the need for expensive finishing work. DF Precision is a high tech cold forging enterprise that is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified to produce the highest quality automotive OEM forgings by using state-of-the-art and the most up to date cold forging machines. DF Precision uses forging equipment with large scale pressure tonnages, mold processing (including electric processing), and mechanical processing capabilities. DF Precision manufacturing plants also have advanced facilities for inspection and machining, and have an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. DF Precision has forged a strong professional technical team and strives to keep the company as an industry leader in metalworking and cold forging. For more information or to submit an RFQ for your custom forging requirements, please visit

Cold Forging Machines

Cold Forging Machines

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