Hot Forging OEM Automotive Parts with China Manufacturers

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OEM hot forgings can be outsourced to China hot forging manufacturers to produce to achieve higher efficiency and high quality results. Many automotive parts distributors buy OEM forgings for their automotive business due to the highest strength and reliability that hot forged metal components provide. OEM hot forging produced by China hot forging manufacturers also have long life spans and can endure high stress applications. Hot forging factories in China also can produce OEM cold forgings that offer the same quality and benefits, in addition to having better production rates and less costly finishing work. By using the open die hot forging process, China hot forging factories are able to forge all automotive components and designs according to all shapes and sizes.

DF Precision Inc., a hot forging company in Michigan, produces OEM hot forging in their China hot forging factories, with the main forging facility in Shanghai. As a leading metal forging manufacturer, DF Precision is renowned for delivering high quality guaranteed OEM hot forgings quickly and at a cost efficient rate. DF Precision’s China hot forging factories can produce complex automotive parts ranging from steel forgings, shafts, housings, hubs, bearings, camshafts, pistons, aluminum forgings, transmission parts, steering parts, and much more. DF Precision factories are ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified to guarantee the best quality and safety standards, and have capacity to produce 30,000 tons per year!  For more information, please contact DF Precision hot forging Michigan company office at 626-572-7988 


Hot Open Die Forging

Hot Open Die Forging

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