Factors to Consider for Cold Forging

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There are many factors to consider when deciding what type of forging process should be used to manufacture metal parts. Cold forging enables the shape and size of metals to be altered while the temperature is cold or below the recrystallization point at room temperature.  Therefore, due to the low temperatures of cold forging, the process does not structurally change the metal and allows the metal material to keep its original mechanical properties.  The lower temperature also allows for better control of the dimensions, promotes greater accuracy, and produces results of a net shape that requires minimum to no machining work to finish it.

Thus, for companies that need metal parts produced in high volumes that especially have surfaces that would need expensive machining work, cold forging will be the best choice since it is very cost effective due to its ability to produce results that have little

Cold Forged Parts

Cold Forged Parts

 need for finishing work. Mass production projects can also benefit from cold forging because the process reduces the amount of material wasted. Typically, due to the high volume of projects, parts created by cold forging weight less than 50 pounds per piece, although larger parts could be cold forged.

Modern technology allows for cold forge companies to use state-of-the-art equipment to have precision control over the whole process and manufacture quality metal parts while the temperature is cold. As one of the few manufacturers that focuses and specializes especially in cold forging, DF Precision Inc. has become the leading cold forge metal parts supplier to many major international and global brands as well as local auto parts manufacturers. With over 20 years of expertise in the cold forging industry, DF Precision uses only the most high-tech equipment to cold forge high precision quality metal parts. For more information, please call the DF cold forge California office at  626-572-7988


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