Elastic and Permanent Nature of Metal Forging

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Applying a significant amount of weight or pressure to metal will cause the material to change shape, which is also known as deformation. There are two behaviors of deformation that the shape of metal can adopt — either temporarily change or permanently keep its new shape when forged.  After pressure or force is removed, the metal will temporarily stay in its new form and then reverse back to its original shape and size since metal has an elasticity point.  This process of the metal behavior is known as elastic deformation. This occurs typically when the metal is forged under lower stress and therefore has the ability to recover its former disposition after the stress is removed.

The other way for the size and shape of metal to change is to keep its new form permanently. When the stress or force is sufficient enough upon the surface of the metal, it will permanently deform the metal, resulting in plastic deformation. Plastic deformation means that metal can take on almost any shape and stay permanently formed.

Metal Forging is simply the forming of metal by the process of plastic deformation, and it can be done while the metal is hot, cold, or warm. Hot metal forging is when the metal is shaped when it is heated, making it more easy to deform and allowing for more elaborate shapes than cold forging. However, cold metal  forging could also produce a high quality precision piece that requires little finishing work, making this process more cost efficient and less expensive.

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Metal Forging

Metal Forging

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