Cold Forging for OEM Companies of High Precision Forged Auto Parts

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Metal Forging is simply the forming of metal by the process of plastic deformation, and it can be done while the metal is hot, cold, or warm. Hot metal forging is when the metal is shaped when it is heated, making it more easy to deform and allowing for more elaborate shapes than cold forging. However, cold metal  forging could also produce a high quality precision piece that requires little finishing work, making this process more cost efficient and less expensive.

OEM Auto Parts Forging

OEM Auto Parts Forging

DF Precision Inc. is a high-tech metal forging and metal parts supplier, with expert focus on cold forging. Located in Los Angeles, CA, DF Precision Inc is one of the largest cold forging suppliers based in the USA and forges high quality metal parts for the automotive, aerospace, farm machinery, and electronics industry.  DF Precision Inc. is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified for safety and quality to produce guaranteed quality parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) companies.  For over 20 years, DF Precision has been trusted by major OEM companies to supply cold forging parts for their OE components for vehicles, machinery forgings, and more. OEM components are defined as parts that are of the highest quality that are produced straight from the original manufacturer. OEM companies rely on reputable cold forging companies to obtain components that meet the highest safety and quality standards. For more information or to submit an RFQ, please contact DF Precision Cold Forging company office at 626-572-7988 or visit

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