Cold Forged Components Used in Cars and the Automotive Industry

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Cold forging is a metalworking process that can produce quality components that ensure safety in automotive structures, such as the steering and suspension systems and engine and transmission systems. Within these systems, the components that the process of cold forging supplies are ball joint housings, clamp studs, idler arms, Pitman arms, steering arms, steering yokes, straddle balls, tie rod ends, exhaust flanges, balance shafts, connecting rods, fuel rails, pistons, pinions, engines, gearboxes and suspension systems that have small length / diameter ratios as well as long-shaft components such drive shafts, gearbox shafts and axles, and camshafts.  Cold forging allows components to be produced with high dimensional accuracy at an extraordinary output rate.  The results of strain-hardening during cold forging makes it possible to produce very strong metal parts while using lower cost raw materials, making it ideal for the automotive industry to incorporate forgings in their products for safety and quality.

DF Precision Inc. is a premier automobile forging supplier of cold forged

Cold Forged Automotive Components

Cold Forged Automotive Components

components to major Tier 1 automotive product suppliers. Their high-tech facilities are located throughout Asia with up to 30,000 ton capacities to forge any shape and complex forms of a product design.  DF Precision offers one-stop-shop services ranging from mold design, fabrication and inspection, and component development.  DF Precision Inc. is a Los Angeles Forging Supplier and Michigan Forging Supplier companies with special focus on cold forging. To learn more about cold forging services,  please call the Los Angeles forging company at 626-572-7988

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