Closed Die Forging Produces the Strongest Metal Products

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Metal can flow like toothpaste when you squeeze it between 2 molds (dies) to achieve the design and shape you want. This can be done when the metal is cold or hot.

The techniques of metal forging are capable of achieving some of the strongest metal products when compared to other manufacturing processes. During the process of forging, methods used can seal any cracks or empty spaces of the metal material, therefore creating very strong metal parts. The typical method that can achieve this is known as Closed Impression Die Forging, which is when a plate of metal is placed between two dies, and then compressed under extreme pressure within the closed cavities to form the shape between the molds. The cavities restrict the flow of the metal inside the die (mold), and the metal will flow to fill the space within the cavity, resulting in the shape and dimensions of the mold design. Depending on the type of metal used, this process can be done while the metal is cold (cold forging) or hot (hot forging).

The Closed Die Forging process forces the material to flow and fill the space in the mold also changes the grain structure of the metal while making the product very strong.  The flow is controlled in the direction what will achieve the strongest results and best grain structure. The high pressures of the process condenses the individual grains of the metal, resulting in higher density of the material and stronger properties.

Metal forging processes have significant advantages in the mechanical properties of the parts that it produces when compared to the products manufactured by other metal forming techniques such a

Closed Die Forging

Closed Die Forging

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