Choosing Between Cold Forging and Hot Forging as a Manufacturer or Customer

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Hot forging and cold forging are two methods of metal forming that are similar yet very different at the same time.  A manufacturer will choose which process to undertake for economic reasons or depending on which process will render the best quality and form depending on the material.  Hot forging is the more sufficient process to work with for harder metals such as steel, since it would be more difficult to deform and shape when the temperature is cold.  However when the metal is naturally softer and more malleable, such as aluminum and carbon alloy steels, cold forging would be the better choice for shaping the metal.

Depending on the customer and types of metal parts needed, cold forging  might also be a better choice in general because the process is typically less expensive than hot forging and produces pieces that need little to no finishing work, which can be costly. Hot forging may be less advantageous when quality and precision are important goals of the results. Hot forging limits the scope for more precision, and the metal could possibly warp during it’s cooling period. The heated metal can also have varying reactions to the atmosphere and therefore the outcome is harder to control.

Cold forging has fewer problems concerning contamination from the atmosphere, and produces a product with better finish of the surface. However, the surface of the metal must be clean before the metal cold forging process can begin. The most common process of  cold forging is known as impression-die forging.  This method places the

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metal into a die, and then it is pounded by a hammer in a rapid sequence, forcing it into the die.  The processes involved in cold forging requires more stronger tooling and powerful forging equipment since the metal will be less ductile when cold.

Overall, manufacturers may choose cold forging over hot forging due to the more cost efficient nature of the process and better surface finish results.  DF Precision Inc. is a Los Angeles Forging enterprise with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. Their specialty in cold forging has established them as industry leaders of this up and coming  high-tech process in metal forging.  For more information or to submit a RFQ, please call 626-572-7988

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