Advanced Methods of Tooling to Create Custom Metal Forging Precision Dies and Molds

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Custom forgings are now possible produce even with the most complicated details due to the advanced tooling methods that allow for high precision forgings. Metal forging engineers use technology such as CAD/CAM to design complex precision forging dies that can mold any desired shape and size of forgings. Electrical discharge machining, also known as EDM, is a manufacturing process tooling and dies are produced by using electrical discharges and electrodes. For custom forging projects, designing and creating the tooling is essential for achieving the right results, since no tooling is the exact same for even the same type of part.


Precision forging dies are customized to the exact requirements of the part to be forged. During cold forging,

Precision Forging Die Tooling

Precision Forging Die Tooling

the raw material will be hammered between the custom made forging dies and molded into the desired shape within the cavities of the forging dies. The tooling process is essential in order to achieve the best results and details that only your company would require. For more details about tooling and forging, DF Precision Inc., a cold forging company in Michigan will be able to answer all inquiries. DF Precision cold forging Michigan company offers cold forging projects with one stop shop services, ranging from technology development, mold design, tooling services, fabrication and inspection. DF Precision cold forging company uses high-tech methods to create toolings for all custom forging projects and state of the art equipment to produce cold forgings.  To request an RFQ for your custom forging project and forging dies tooling, please call the DF Precision Michigan Forging company office at 626-572-7988


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