Achieving the Strongest Custom Steel Parts Through Hot Forging

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The metal Forging process produces steel forgings by applying thermal and mechanical energy to the raw material. Steel bars, ingots, and billets are able to be formed to the desired shape and size by forging and achieve uniformity and strength in structure. Forging steel produces the strongest steel forging parts since the thermal cycle and deformation process when forging causes metallurgical recrystallization and grain refinement. The steel hot forging process also creates steel parts that are extremely reliable and tough with high tolerances against impacts. Due to the plastic nature of steel, applying pressure to shape steel will not cause the billet of steel to crack and will result in high quality and strong steel parts.

Steel auto parts are produced by metal forging for the reliability and strength of the outcome products. Steel parts are able to keep its strength even when altered because forging allows the grain flow to conform to the desired shape and mold. Usually, steel is heat treated in order for the material to be more easily altered by the process of hot forging. In general, hot forging is a versatile and efficient metalforming process that can produce metal parts that are stronger than all other parts produced through other processes, such as casting and machining. Cold forging and hot forging can shape all ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, normal series metals, and black metals. DF Precision is a steel forging company in Los Angeles California, offering California steel forging services by hot forging. DF Precision has been supplying steel forging parts to OEM Automotive companies and all other major electronic companies for over 20 years. To submit and RFQ for steel forging, or to learn more about DF Precision steel forging California company, please visit

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